Art & Guy III

Episode One Hundred Ninety: Art & Guy III.
In which we honor thy error.

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  1. I have a number of the original strips pinned to a corkboard above my workspace where I draw, and one of the originals that most often makes the rounds up there is the first 'art and guy', inspired by 'An Arc of Doves' ... that came out so satisfyingly eloquent, and it was an afterthought - those strips were retro fitted to a random latent oats. This one, and the second Art and Guy (featuring Robyn Hitchcock), turned out less so. I mean, this works as comic, and I would be happy to think this was the kind of thing I'd be producing for a living ... but the golden mean, and the fanning lines, and the reverse shading of the completed arc which also occludes the speech bubbles. That's some satisfying comictry.

    This is, again, inspired by an Oblique Strategy that popped up, 'use an unacceptable color', that instantly struck me as potentially working as both a standalone A&G as well as part of a Latent Oats comic. Don't know why, but it was that line that prompted me to run through the exercise of making each of the four individual strips again. I was glad, because the Pharm Life, in particular, turned out pretty happy. Something about the formulaic part of the process, too, freed up mental space to let me absently explore ideas for other comics, waiting in the wings. And it feels weird to have mental space, today, with the world melting down as it is.



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