Nusquam Hic

Episode One Hundred Sixty Nine: Nusquam Hic.
In which we be there then.

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  1. On the cusp of the apocalypse, as the time I used to have obsessing on myself evaporated. Was watching Better Call Saul - many gorgeous wide shots structured horizontally, industrial buildings, insignificant figures. First frame influenced by that.

    Returned to The Third Policeman, Flan O'Brien. The second frame inspired by one of the book covers, a drawing of a bicycle making a Bobby's face under a helmet.

    The third frame grabbed completely randomly from a book of B-Movie posters.

    The fourth from a book of Sacred Geometry.

    Mostly random, light-speed. I believe this is one of the only strips not to have been traced from any pre-printed, pre-sized image. And, as always, unclear whether this actually saved time.

    As mentioned, on the cusp. I think during this weekend the U.S. was coming to grips with the enormity of the coming months. Toilet paper sold out, stock market plummeting, impending deaths and layoff, all the while Trump smirking his way through careering and conflicting statements. Nightmare on the horizon.

    Don't know what it means, but 'Nowhere Here' felt apt as a title.

    Kind of OK with this one. Change of textures in each frame feels right.



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