Ages of Sand

Episode Two Hundred Nine: Ages of Sand.
In we return the receiver.

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  1. Traditional form Latent Oats. Squidman admonishes me that I am not engaged in the world - this is a sentiment of judgement that I internalized and was eating at me that week, my inability or refusal to participate. The Soap Strip frame an echo of anxiety around that subject. The Pharm Life reflecting my ongoing frustrations at work; slow motion train wreck.

    The Art frame Douglas Adams - I had been revisiting the audio book The Salmon Of Doubt (2005), and that line is from 'Turncoat,' an essay in which Adams defends his embrace of technology. In his speech at Digital Biota 2, 1998, Adams talked about the four ages of sand, explaining that the silicone chip revolution was the latest step in human cultural evolution. He's draws a parallel between the process of natural selection and that of computer program processing, which is that they both utilize repetitive simple iteration to effect complex results. I think of this concept all the time, and it does turn my brain inside out.

    Happy with the Soap Strip frame here - it's a still from a Bogart film, I think, but the achievement was in using fewer line strokes and trusting the 'curves' adjustment shading effect on the half-tone layer to do the heavy lifting. Not stopping with the pen strokes is a perennial issue, and here I managed, for once, a modicum of restraint.

    Neither her nor there, that's Kafka in the first frame - one of my cultural touchstones / biological heritage.



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