Episode One hundred ninety one: Hiraeth.
In which we appropriate.

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  1. The culminating collage that originated with the Oblique Strategy 'unacceptable color.' Not particularly taken with this - it was planned by accident as I tried to piece together the originating strips. I had meant to use the 'what actually happened' from the Soap Strip piece, but that frame turned out so poor that I chose another frame to use. As disappointed as I am with the need to make the change, I am kind of happy with this. It has a calmness that I wasn't expecting.

    The title is the Welch language for longing or nostalgia for a lost or imagined time. I had been watching 'Hinterland' and thinking I needed to move to Wales because it looked so beautiful. Lots of grieving happening.

    The lavender color, acceptable or not, is pleasing.



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