Refutation Iteration

Episode One Hundred Twenty: Refutation Iteration.
In which we get the message.

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  1. Who knows where this one came from. I've been hankering to draw more Soap Strip style comics, and this strip was a very last minute push to come up with an idea. This is what came up: a character going about his day, being refuted by everyone and everything - as if that was his incarnation this time around. Even his cat doesn't give him the time of day.

    What are they saying 'nope' about? Are they preempting his requests? Are they flatly pointing out that he's on the wrong track? It just felt like it was right, that sense of being at odds in the day. I showed it to my 16 year old and he said "yeah", like he related to it immediately, which was gratifying. Few of these strips are acknowledged as resonating with, nice to have the moment of connection.



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