Western Bloc

Episode Three Hundred Thirty Three: Western Block.
In which we have to borrow.

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  1. Another pleasant surprise, this one. A lot of it comes from the unexpected color artifacting that was brought out on the finishing, most notable in the middle two frames. The first and final frames are from a Soviet pro-nuclear power propaganda film. The second frame is from a cover from a vintage Japanese publisher that published Western novels with distinctive minimalist designs, as celebrated by Sato Shuudou in their blog and Twitter account. The third frame is from a fan poster of Jacques Tati's 'Playtime' (1967); it's a depiction of the modern architecture that takes the part of antagonist in that film, the faux town that Tati built exclusively for the shoot.

    The horrible ironic nature of the propaganda film -I have a memory that the plant depicted was Chernobyl, but that might be a misunderstanding - brought a chill to viewing the footage, compounded by the throwaway nature in which all media exists in the social media stream. Putting the poorly-placed optimism of the young operator at the end of the strip was not intended to be cynical; I am legitimately trying (and failing) to find optimism today. The title, Western Bloc, perhaps a little more wryly snide in the word choice: we are little different, when it comes to trusting patterns and systems, the East and West, we are.

    Anyway, this is a random one that works. Happy with it.



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