Arbitrary Rotation

Episode Two Hundred Sixty: Arbitrary Rotation.
In which we turn.

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  1. A long-planned vacation was up-ended by the pandemic, re-framing a relationship. This has no doubt been happening to a lot of people all around the world, lately.

    This strip showed the cloudy-sky scene twice, and then a couple regarding the scene (maybe), and then the scene turns out to be a picture hanging on the wall.

    Was it turned by them? Or was it always askew? Are they going to fix it? Pictures off-center are definitely an OCD issue for me.

    The point here, I think, was that the idea of what I had been looking at when I was thinking about the planned vacation, and I had looked at it repeatedly over months, turned out to be something other than I had thought it to be. I had to re-frame the idea of what it was, and the process of looking it over was not something within my control in all sorts of ways.

    And this is so true of all my relationships with people: they are constantly morphing, as through a kaleidoscope, and I am disoriented, again and again, until the other person tells me they're tired of discussing the relative positions of my shifting perspective, and they'd like to move on with their lives. This happens a lot, if I'm to be honest, and it's not just with partners or close friends. It's a constant in business as well.

    Of course, in addition to the idea of the reader realizing "Oh, I'm looking at a picture! I thought it was a place.", there's also the fourth-wall bit of the fact that it was all just a picture all along. And that extends outward, as well, a la Ceci n'est pas une pipe.

    I can't remember where the couple came from; I suspect they're from a newspaper advertisement from the '50s.

    There's something unexpectedly satisfying about this one. It's unusually clean, for me.



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