In Perpetuum

Episode Two Hundred Sixty One: In Perpetuum.
In which we cycle.

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  1. Eight months on, I don't remember much about the inspiration behind this one. It seems fairly typical: Squidman is repeating a negative thought, Eno is quoting an Oblique Strategy card, and the two frames in between are kind of atypical.

    The Pharm Life frame "borrows" a statue that I've been unable to re-locate to give proper credit - a tall human figure with a heart hanging on a thread inside a hollow torso. It's not characteristic of that strip to draw outside the lines, as it were, using disparate imagery not in the style of simple line drawing, but I guess I was feeling that being overwhelmed by the image of a hollowed-out and partially disjointed anatomy was how I was identifying that week as the 'quantifying' experience in my head.

    Frame two, the 'Soap Strip' frame, is totally atypical. It's not replicating a Rex Morgan or Apartment 3G experience; rather, it's creating a closely-drawn parallel line style that is echoed in the looming figure in frame three. I'm unsure what this was, but suspect there was an effect I was going for that I had discovered in a previous strip and liked.

    I don't know that it's effective here - the strip as a whole feels lost to me. (Inadvertently giving poignancy to the final frame.)

    I'm fairly sure that the sentiment in the first frame references my feelings around how I was being treated working at the FQHC at the time. (This was just after I had quit as an employee and started on a six month contract.)



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