Absorption Ditch Apparatus

Episode Two Hundred Fifty Nine: Absorption Ditch Apparatus.
In which we whelm.

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  1. Don't remember much about this one.

    Squidman is speaking a line from the Coen brother's A Serious Man (2009), one of an ongoing series of concessions on the part of Larry Gopnik during his overwhelmingly unhelpful visit with the junior rabbi. (That's Stuhlbarg as Gopnik in one of the promotional images of the film.) That line, no doubt, resonating with the hopelessness I was experiencing working at the FQHC, run by an intractable narcissist.

    The second frame, if I recall, was an attempt to adopt a different drawing style. Unfortunately, I can't locate the image modeled, so I don't know the artist. I'm getting a feeling of heaviness and resolution, at any rate.

    The Pharm Life image is a pill contemplating some sort of network scan results. I was taken with the repetitive shapes.

    The Art frame, no doubt, an oblique strategy genuinely pulled as an attempt to resolve a creative impasse. Still looking for that area.

    At a loss for a title, I found a random word generator and requested three words. Couldn't get any more on target, as far as I can tell.



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