Episode Two Hundred Sixty Three: Assana.
In which we an.


  1. Quite happy with this one - it's simple, it's all mine (I think), it's a true (constant) event, and it turned out to convey exactly what I wanted. I don't remember there being any reference images - I simply sat down and tried to draw a figure that closely resembled my own.

    The images so disparate from the hyper-sexualized images we regularly get of yoga practitioners. Standing in my underwear, my stomach hanging out, my mountain pose less 'projecting strength' and more 'bending forward under the weight of the world's suck'. It's sucking me out the window toward it. I don't think I intended to draw myself leaning that far forward, but it comes across so weary. I love it.

    This is my practice; it's always too little, too late, and the Terrible Truth never leaves the forefront of my brain. I breathe in hopelessness, and I breath out what I assume, always, to be my final breath. Yamaste.

    The title, 'Assana', of course, an intentional misspelling of 'Asana'. A stupid little pun for a stupid little yogi.

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  3. Thank you, kairiycoub. I agree, the practice is a form of Pragmatic Play. I'm glad you enjoyed the comic.



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