Gradazione Fallita Numero Quattro

Episode Two Hundred Fifty Eight: Gradazione Fallita Numero Quattro.
In which we miss.

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  1. This from a long-held screen shot on my phone from BBC's (later, Amazon's) Ripper Street, 2012. If memory serves, this is actor Frank Harper playing Silas Duggan. The context from the show was not significant, but the sentiment of the phrase always rings true and is something to bear in mind, daily.

    I'm not sure if I had this in mind when I drew it, but the successive zooming out of the frame deconstructs the image (is that the term?) in a way that tells me that images (representations?) are unreliable, as well. I think the lines originally came from the CRT scan lines captured on the phone's photograph, further indicating the separation of the image from the original, which, in turn, was itself an approximate representation of reality.

    Which is to say, it's all masturbation, really.

    I was taken with how the texture of his tweed coat came through in the final frame.



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