Embedded Obliquity

Episode Sixty-Six: Embedded Obliquity.
In which the Pharm Life folk are deep down.

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  1. Billy Connolly, losing his memory to dementia caused by Parkinson's, a Buddhist: "The Past Does Not Exist," a quote from Connolly. Finding solace in the moment, choosing to have the moment, having to have 'only the moment' be a choice we do not have. In other words, acceptance of what we control, and of what control we don't have.

    The SM panel a quote from the BBC reboot of Sherlock, Moriarty hisses this statement, that, ultimately, we are naught but meaningless dust. And the second frame, I suppose, the mitigation of platitudes against realistic confines. The third frame a replication of a medical diagram: that what we are is a map of classification and measurement, repeated and reiterated. That we are anatomical diagrams, and that we are DNA.

    So, against all this bleakness: all we have is the moment.

    The title, I think, is perhaps my own response to this outlay. Deep within who I am, an oblique sensibility.



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