Signal Noise

Episode Sixty-Seven: Signal Noise.
In which the Soap Strip folk are unrenderable.

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  1. It's appropriate that this comic led to a hiatus that has lasted nearly a year. It appears to be about being disconnected, not being able to find the correct wavelength, being isolated, and, of course, working by avoiding.

    The woman in the first panel is Detective Sarah Linden, from The Killing (2011), a character that cannot fit, and, try as she might, is not capable of making healthy choices or maintaining functioning relationships. She succeeds through perseverance, and that is enough. Sometimes, it has to be enough; life is like that. It is a tired trope for detective stories, but in the rain-drenched streets of Veena Sud's Seattle, it was deeply relatable for me.

    The Soap Strip panel is here zoomed into abstract levels. Perhaps the anxiety has drawn us into primal spaces. Perhaps we are having to take everything apart at the elemental level in order to put it back together again.

    The Pharm Life panel speaks of a need for psychic space away from other people and their incidental noise. This is often judged as anti-social, but, for me, it's merely a-social.

    And the final line a quote from Brian Eno. Some times things just have to percolate.



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