Dewey Don'ts

Episode Sixty-Three: Dewey Don'ts.
In which Squidman reads up on Embodiment.

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  1. Customer satisfaction survey results from a winter's worth of students betray entitled expectations. "Why was my garbage not emptied on a daily basis?" The most glowing comments toward the hand-holders on staff. The worst are searingly accusatory toward the chef.

    And here, Squidman has learned the specific words to use to seek accommodation. Is this what Dewey meant to reap when he suggested an education revolution centered on the student? This strikes me as absurd.

    Are we running a college that asks people to exercise critical thinking skills, or are we running a feel-good resort that caters to narcissists? Co-worker does not hesitate: it is most definitely the latter.

    Soap strip frame from a dream this week: the roof is caving in. In my waking world, I marvel at the few people who manage to keep this campus of vintage buildings from falling apart. And still, the bad reviews: "The shower leaked!"

    Art, sardonically, advises Guy to relinquish his resistance: Go With The Flow. Guy's skeptical cynicism will likely remain intact, however.

    All in all, a dark commentary.



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