Certitude Envy

Episode Sixty-Four: Certitude Envy.
In which the Soap Strip folk get the message.

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  1. The Fall (2013). Gillian Anderson's D.S. Gibson engages in a power struggle with Jamie Dornan's BTK-style killer Spector, the dramatic tension drawn from the uneven balance of their knowledge of one another: Spector fervently reveling in remaining one step ahead of Gibson, getting off on being able to pull strings.

    Asked how to accomplish the seemingly insurmountable task of outfoxing someone who has these seamless tactical advantages, Gibson replies "detail, detail, and detail again". In detective fiction, persistence wins out.

    The first frame depicts Krister Henriksson's Wallander (2005), another T.V. detective great, confronted with a line from The Fall, shouted at Gibson by a superior. Wondering whether one is one the right road is a staple for a stumbling T.V. detective, persistence usually depicted to be the palliative.

    The second frame from The Fall, Spector discovers a lip-stick message left on a mirror from an underage victim he is dominating: "fuck you, loser", in Italian.

    And the Pharm Life frame, another line from Gibson. Absence of the Y Chromosome defaults human development to the female. Ergo, all male are aberration.

    Certitude Envy: my every day a stumbling, wondering whether I am on the right road. A looking-in through the window at the group inside, this group seemingly confident that they have the means, or the power, or, at least, a desire that they can hang experience off of. Not here.



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