Season's Gratings

Episode Two Hundred Seventy One: Season's Gratings.
In which we tiding.

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  1. This was a desperately rushed attempt during a very busy week of work. I had been thinking of those old, cheap plastic cars with the molded plastic axle wheels that popped into the main body that came as prizes in cereal boxes. Remember prizes in cereal boxes that were dumped in with the cereal? Also, I know it's an old man complaint, but cereal boxes were more substantial once upon a time. They closed properly, and didn't tear on opening.

    Anyway, the ethernet cable and jack make an appearance because I had been working with them a lot that week. The artificial leg and trash can? I think I liked the patterns evoked in the trash can, and the leg? I don't recall why I pulled that out.

    There's a delicacy to the can that I think works here, and despite the rushed anxiety this brings back for me I think this works as a strip in its minimalism. I was not feeling the x-mas spirit at the time.



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