Operation Watchtower, Maudlin.

Episode Two Hundred Seventy Two: Operation Watchtower, Maudlin.
In which we every day.

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  1. The second film by Terrence Malick I've adapted, from 'The Thin Red Line' (1998). The title comes from the codename for the battle of Guadalcanal (though the parenthetical is my notation). These are frames during a quiet scene in the film as the soldiers are R&Ring in and around a villa. Curiously, there's a birdcage similar to the one that makes an appearance in the comic on Le Samourai, "The Fidgets of Remembrance", no. 255.

    The other Malick film was 'The New World', 2005. ("The Furniture In My Head", no. 226.)

    This one reminds me of the Stalker comic, no. 128, "Terminus Ad Quem", another strip adopted directly from film screenshots, heavy and clumsy as a result. They feel like indelicate block prints.

    I guess it kind of works. There's a noirish chiaroscuro that I'm reading from it now ... even if it's a little melodramatic. (But I guess that's why I appended "Maudlin" in the title.)



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