Eyes On The Prize

Episode Two Hundred Seventy Three: Eyes On The Prize.
In which we count.

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  1. I've had BBC Sounds app on constant stream for the last month or so, and breadcrumbs led me to 'Tiresias and Narcissus', a sci fi short from 2019 on the BBC3 archive site 'Love Thy Synth' ... a series, presumably, exploring issues around AI. The page's icon is of (what seems to be) a mannequin head (looking up, with a Classical eye on the horizon) overlaid with computer circuitry. This image was pilfered for frame two, here. (As far as I can tell, the original uncredited on the BBC site.)

    The beginning of the show has an android (?) pair of twins, speaking in synth-symbiosis (all reminiscent of ZBS), the words of frame one. I'm not sure what they were supposed to mean in context, but they struck me as relevant to my current employment situation, which is a typically alienating experience in which my presence is continually deemed disruptive.

    I've decided to leave at the end of my contract - yet another stepping off into the unknown - and so I am in a (now, 65 day) count down.

    As the count down progresses, the focus turns inward, into the eye - the window to the soul. The soul, here, a disconcerting fracture of approximate data points. Not so much human as a graphed approximation of human.

    The third and fourth frames from similarly altered self-portraits. Three a computer depiction of a rectangularly planed-out surfacing, and four from a painting of a face broken into triangular fractures.

    The title from something my therapist said to me that propelled me to drop investment in a losing battle: the goal, eventually, to remove myself from a bad condition.

    The artifacting from GIMP treatment, the orange noise, happily providing shadow and texture, where there is none on the original. AI indeed.



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