Systemic Overload

Episode Two Hundred Fifty Two: Systemic Overload.
In which we melt.

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  1. The shock setting in after last weeks' decision to give up gainful employment.

    Squid Man echoes the management impotence slogan. Rather than try to improve, they just shrugged an said everyone was overwhelmed. The venom implicit in that statement still burns my ears now, six months later; there was sheer anger behind the response.

    The Soap Strip Folk embodying my internal justification, and the cold alienating response - in this case, via the trope of the femme fatale. I spoke with so many people there who reported the same experience.

    The Pharm Life pills all filing in exodus. I think there are two points in this frame - one, of course, this is what it all comes down to: just leaving. And two, there's the problem of my meds going longer being a patient at the FQHC also means potentially losing access to to 430b pharmaceutical program.

    And, of course, the Art frame provides an unusually practical oblique strategy. Not that I pay any attention.

    I guess I'd give this a reluctant 'C' grade. I'm happy with the SM, Pharm, and Art frames, but the Soap Strip remains frustratingly elusive. The amateur feel to it brings a woodenness to the entire strip. At least, I comfort myself in saying, the speech bubbles came off without distraction.



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