Deliberation Deliberation

Episode Two Hundred Fifty Six: Deliberation Deliberation.
In which we define.

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  1. I've been catching up on these weekly summaries. Some of these are six months back, and I'm intrigued to see which strips leap out at me and which are a bit of awash in mystery. The 'true to form' collage strips, such as this one, are more than likely to elicit a shrug. I'm not sure what I was thinking, and they dispassionately fall apart in my hand.

    The joke I often make is that what I've learned from this practice is that messing with the fundamental conventions of how we communicate generates a great deal of disinterest. It's true that the collage strips are the hardest of the bunch for me to remember and write about. Our brains want a narrative, and they want it simple and clear.

    That's Irish interviewer Graham Norton in that last frame. I remember precisely where I was in Hubbard Park when I heard him utter that phrase. It was during an interview with him (Richard Herring's RHLSTP, likely), and he was discussing how to set up a good interview. Let the guest direct the story and don't let your ego (as interviewer) get in the way.

    Unsure how it pertains to my life. Is Art saying, here, that I shouldn't self-indulge too much? I dunno. Even the lavender color, which so made Latent Oats #52, 'The Ant of the Self', seems a little wrong. And the figures in frames 1 and 2 are off in way that feels 'bad'.

    Squidman's utterance is from the CEO of the FQHC I had quit, and then come back as a contractor. I had taken great pains to be quite specific in my contract, particularly so because I left after HR had been unable to tell me what my job description was, exactly, and I argued that all the chaos in the organization stemmed from that lack of management. Shortly after I was brought on as contractor, one of the lab employees (who was effectively the lab director, in total absence of competent or qualified direction on the part of that named lab director, who is the narcissist CEO), did the same as myself. She gave notice, and agreed to stay on as a contractor, and was writing up her contract. SMs sentiment here, "vague as possible", was the note she was handed, down from the mouth of the CEO.

    I wondered if it was in response to my several page contract, specific in its targets. And, again, management's refusal to specify scopes of responsibilities was exactly the problem here. Yet, even as I try to set that right in the only way I knew how to do, management there persisted in subverting the attempt for anyone else. It's a sickness.

    So, frames 2 and 3 are the subsequent questions. What is the goal for what I'm trying to accomplish? The Pharm Life pills read a bulletin and scratch their heads. Maybe they're trying to figure the scope of this strip as well. What's the goal in that moment vs. what's the goal of the strip vs. what's the goal of staying alive?

    And again, the guy who asks questions for a living resolves the strip by reminding me that the question should not be the point.

    But I'm no closer to finding the answer, I don't think.



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