Scale Fail, The Third

Episode Two Hundred Fifty Three: Scale Fail, The Third.
In which we descend.

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  1. A dumb pun on 'Scale' here, of course. Not sure how clear it is, but the protagonist is trying to climb the wall only to have a brick come loose under his weight and fall back on top of him, crushing him in his effort. Of course, a failing here is that, by the length of his leg, the wall is only a few feet high, making the act all the more absurd. Why so much effort to scale a wall that could be jumped? Because that's the kind of loser I am, I mean, he is.

    Appropriate to the story, this was a strip that got away from me, and I ran out of time to complete it on paper. There was something about reproducing the rocks that did not compute, and I ended up ditching the effort and turning back to the digital version from which the source images had been printed. As a result, this is one of only two(?) strips that were completely created on the computer.

    The figure is taken from Leonard Leslie Brooke's illustration from Lear's Nonsense Songs (1970?) of The Two Old Bachelors. He's been given some hair.

    I feel weird about this being a copy and paste, with some significant manipulation in Photoshop. But at the same time, it stands on its own, I think. There's a luminescence to the wall that I find satisfying.



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