Parenthetical Rationale

Episode Two Hundred Fifty One: Parenthetical Rationale.
In which we step.

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  1. This week I decided to give notice on the FQHC job, voluntarily stepping off the ledge. Within a couple of weeks, I'd be back on a limited-run contract doing focused work for the same organization. Now two months out from the end of that contract, I'm looking at this strip and having trouble remembering all the drama. I'm still falling from the ledge, but for some reason less concerned about the ground.

    The title from a discussion I'd been having with someone focused on their neurodiversity, and who had made a similar leap. She'd noticed that I used parenthesis a lot when writing (I digress often), and pointed out that she does similar. Asked me what my 'parenthetical rational' was, which was a phrase that tickled me.

    Kind of happy with this. Not sure how many one-frame comics I've created throughout the Loats run.



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