Analysis Paralysis

Episode One Hundred Two: Analysis Paralysis.
In which the Soap Strip Folk pause on the hand.

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  1. Hesistation in looming crisis perceived as a character failing that seems always far more pressing to those around me than to myself. Or is it a petulant disregard for my own well-being?

    Dead-Man's hand: what at first glance appears to be a strong opportunity turns out to be a commonly regarded omen of foreboding.

    Pharm Life recounts the spectrum by which my inaction presents.

    The final frame from "Searching For Bobby Fischer" (1993). Ben Kingsley, the disciplined teacher, advises the young Josh to visualize all the moves before acting. Josh responds that he cannot do that. Except, because he's a genius, he always gets there in the end. (After a minute of struggle.) The rest of us non-geniuses never do get there in the end. There is no end.



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