Ashes! Ashes!

Episode Ninety-Nine: Ashes! Ashes!
In which all fall down.

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  1. Further fallout from layoffs at work: the logistics and human cost becomes a farcical comedy. I tell myself, "you'll be fine", but, of course, I know that I cannot make that statement. Soap Strip frame unintentionally ends up looking just like me (it was traced from an image composited from several sources). Pharm Life is kicking 'em when they are down.

    Resolution in the form of Stanley Kramer's 'It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World' (1963), watched this week after I had received the news, and for the first time since childhood. Amazing cast with beautiful performances. (Pictured: Jonathan Winters meeting Phil Silvers.) The frenzy in the film mirroring the frenzy at work. And the gossipy storytelling around it all an unexpected delight. Some things persist.



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