Stop Motion

Episode One Hundred Three: Stop Motion.
In which the Pharm Life Pills do the honorable thing.

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  1. Farcical Establishment is represented by Graham Chapman in a stereotyped Python 'Chartered Accountant' outfit. A nod to the fact that I can't stop trying to make sense of the decision-making that has led to my own redundancy, to the reality that the approach has been to blindly cut budget first, and then scramble second to appraise resulting impact. It is all literally, now, none of my business...but, mindbogglingly idiotic in its approach. The Establishment perennially out-of-touch.

    Soap Strip Folks revisit the same HR Office that (in Episode 58, April 2017) left the applicant musing on his aging-out of the game. Now, he is musing on the opting-out, "hardly a raised eyebrow" being from 'China My China' on Eno's TTMBS (1974). The reference here touching on cultural dissonance that the song's narrator feels watching someone jump to their death - an unremarkable event in that culture: "from a pagoda, the world is so tidy" ... and linking it to the unremarkable violence (emotional, at least) that casual layoffs invokes in our culture.

    The Pharm Life Pills acting out that violence in a scene reminiscent of the 1929 crash.

    The resolution frame quoting my late father, who loved Jan Svankmajer and un-ironically remarked on several occasions that a State that funded arts to the tune of Svankmaker's animation was a system to keep. "Proof that communism works!"

    An absurd statement, obviously, but one that rings increasingly true as I watch my own government's validity collapse under Trump. I came across a Svankmejer clip this week, and I was musing on how stop motion is such a painstaking process. Each step so tediously like the previous, but with an indecipherable forward-movement, and one we cannot see until the project is complete.

    Also, Svankmejer is not afraid to cut open bodies and spill everything out. What is inside is often surprising. Life is in there, and things are teeming, and often there are tiny, fully-formed things that are right below the surface.

    Somehow this rang true against the other events of the week.

    Guy carries a garbage sack as he cleans out his basement.



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