Garbage In

Episode Three Hundred Thirty: Garbage In.
In which we scramble.


  1. 'Garbage In' is perhaps an honest assessment of the strip itself. I find this one hard to look at. It's sloppy and haphazard-feeling. Bloated. The first frame, in particular, is just awful.

    The line in the second frame is from a comment a work colleague made while we were considering the limitations of various network monitoring applications. Good design is always hard to come by, particularly when sales personnel over promise the goods. I've been on both sides of the divide: being asked to deliver what I had made clear was impossible, and also being handed a product that can not deliver what I'd specified. In the end, nothing ever works well.

    The image in the second and third frame are from the ITV series 'Endeavour' (2012) and Melville's 'Le Samourai' (1967), respectively. At least I think that's Samouri ... I may be misremembering the source.

    The final frame is my Honda's odometer reading. It does this after heavy rain or frost. I'm guessing moisture in the coupling harness affects the display. It's annoying, and probably very expensive.

    As with each of the sentiments in every frame, this one just didn't come together. An off week.

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  3. Senior living communities use junk removal services for resident moves and cleanouts.

    1. Harsh criticism. It was an off week, but I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel just yet.



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