Episode Three Hundred Twenty Five: Four-Phase.
In which we clock it.

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  1. The random culmination of the four strips. This one doesn't send me, though it does work as a latent narrative story. The Bletchley Circle frame (the second panel) feels weak.

    Squidman announcing the wrong shift to the young Nemo does feel like the strip is setting off on the right foot, which is to say that my life set off on the wrong foot. Sleep shift issues apparently correlated with neurodiversity folk, and so I receive confirmation that my weirdness, and the subsequent concentration and health difficulties are a result of my brain structure. Cold comfort, but somehow being told this as a young child, walking alone, seems appropriate.

    There is a wrong shift, too, in how the story gets told. And the title, 'Four Phase'...perhaps there's a wrong shift in the phase. Like, on a fundamental 'physics' level. I think the 'Four Phase' had to do with electrical supply, but I don't remember. Phases, shifts, channels. It's all off.



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