Counting Backwards

Episode Three Hundred Twenty Eight: Counting Backwards.
In which we don't remember.

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  1. The title comes from my having listened to Throwing Muses while drawing this one. It does work, though: the strip is about the dislocation I feel in everyday life, and my take that this dislocation comes from not being able to be in the present; I'm always anticipating the future or dwelling in the past, with the effect that my experience is a confusing mesh of all three.

    Not sure where these characters came from, but I'm really happy with them. Something about this largish man (stolen, somewhat, from Frank King's Gasoline Alley, a comic my father was taken with, and I fancy this character reminds me of him) confiding in a fire plug ... well, it just works.

    I'm also quite happy with the coloring, and the green tinge that I managed to bring out in the first and third panels. They evoke the nausea that the experience of existence necessarily involves.



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