Pathological Biomarkers

Episode Two Hundred Sixty Six: Pathological Biomarkers.
In which we seclu.

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  1. I don't remember what was going on the week that I drew this. I have a feeling this is four unrelated images that just felt right in the moment.

    The first is a detail from 'Tondal's Vision' (Hieronymous Bosch, circa. 1495), in which sufferers wallow in snot throughout eternity. I think I was taken with the emptiness of the giant's eyes, here, and of reproducing in high contrast.

    I can't place the diagram in the second frame, though it is likely that it is from a medical textbook detailing a process of detecting 'pathological biomarkers' using lasers.

    Of course, there's a resonance here between finding a seed for cancer and also finding a physical attribute that results in a behavioral pathology. I mean, that's kind of my thing, right?

    The inners of a stopwatch? A landscape view of an empty field, fading into fog? The last two frames telling disparate messages: 'we are locked into a deterministic process, both physically and spiritually' vs. 'we cannot see ahead, the detail is lost and even the (wide) frame is limited by our choice of (narrow) medium'.

    Such are the psychological 'pathological biomarkers' that persist within me. We can see them, but so far they resist treatment. Basically, I'm fucked. As always. On brand.



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