Downward Slope

Episode Two Hundred Sixty Nine: Downward Slope.
In which we pry.

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  1. I'm looking back and seeing this week to be about the settling in of the reality of our impermanence. Squid Man echoing a therapist's concern that my inability to adjust comes from fundamental trauma. It's being directed at a Jules Feiffer character here ... unsure what that's about, but I'd always seen his people as freed of the bonds of gravity, light. Here it feels more disenfranchised.

    Anyway, the sentiment is in SMs mouth because I've come to see it as a red herring. The problem of not fitting in (particularly at the workplace specific to my circumstance here) is not an emotional response coming from a recurring childhood injury, rather, it is a social misconfiguration that lies intractably within the structure of my brain.

    The Pharm Life (quantification) frame, again, turning to the inevitability of never being able to catch up with all the minutiae. The envelopes pile up, and there is only one way out.

    The second frame a faithful replica of a pulp comic; I don't recall the exact source. Grave robbers pulling the gold from the teeth of the buried. Desperate times, etc. Of course it carries with it unnecessary anxious machinations.

    The Art frame nicely inscrutable. Looking at this now, I wonder if that came up as a way for Eno to kick an artist out of the recording booth when they were being too annoying. And perhaps that applies to me as well? "Stop spending time worrying and just get to it." Get to what? Find some pliers and a shovel?

    All in all an ok representation of the basic Latent Oats form, but a somewhat unsatisfying thing to look at. (I'd redo the Pharm Life frame with a thinner pen and perhaps cleaner angles.) Maybe it was a faithful representation of that week in that respect.



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