Config Controller

Episode Two Hundred Fifty: Config Controller.
In which we switch.

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  1. Four images of pattern and texture. The first two, I think, from the 1963 Any Number Can Win (Mélodie en sous-sol), directed by Henri Verneuil and starring Jean Gabon and Alain Delon. The first from a scene in which Delon is crawling through the air ducts above a bustling casino in the service of a heist, and for part of the scene he transverses an open fencing in the duct in full view of the patrons two stories below. The second from the beginning when Gabon has been released from prison and is returning to his neighborhood, only to find it transformed into a modern apartment complex metropolis, disorienting and alienating. The third frame from an image describing one configuration of Cisco switces. And the forth from a close up of a Paul Klee (I think). Repetitive patterns, and, suppose, their resolution (or lack thereof) is something I've been chewing on, and what I imagine is going on in this strip.



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