Hasty Rozzers

Epsiode One Hundred Thirty Five: Hasty Rozzers.
In which we again blow the plaid.

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  1. Who the fuck knows? This was a real leap of faith, started with my pulling random images.

    The first frame largely borrowed from a graphic novel, but taking on a life of it's own as a bold, expressive painted interior - heavy, but with an airy touch that reminds me of Gorey.

    The second frame is a collage of several pieces, gazed upon disapprovingly by an enormous face.

    The third frame is from a photo from the 1960's of an English Bobby, and again I tried (and failed) to represent a plaid pattern on his face.

    The fourth frame, an Eno resolution, from Music For Airports (1978), the idiosyncratic musical notation that accompanies the album's liner notes.

    I don't know what it means, but it all makes a kind of sense.



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