Weekend Update

Episode One Hundred Thirty Six: Weekend Update.
In which we tick the honeydew.

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  1. Power outage this weekend trapped my work clothes in my washer. My concerns about them blithely brushed away by several disinterested parties. As it turned out, one of the pairs of pants that were in there ended up with staining. Not sure if it was a result of the interrupted cycle, but I want to put it on the record that my hysterics are not always unfounded.

    I was worried this comic would come across as too static, but was pleasantly shown otherwise. Sure, the shape of the face is too variant, somehow his hand ended up enormous, and I don't know what the hell is going on with the neck, but overall the feel and the flow is so perfect. There's something here that's found a place for my scribbling that's not chaotic, and the varying stroke styles / mix of pen sizes lends itself to the storytelling. Even the speech bubbles don't embarrass me.

    The model is Walter Matthau from The Fortune Cookie (1966), which I find disappointingly apparent in the final frame. I had straightened his nose and thinned his face, and changed his lips a bit, but the role he's playing here in the comic is still a perfect casting for him, so I guess his image still comes through.

    Nonetheless, if I could pull off an extended narrative strip in this style, I would be a happy man.



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