Et Tu, Bruits?

Episode One Hundred Thirteen: Et Tu, Bruits?
In which we are foretold.

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  1. Happy with this one. Another rush job, this is one that just kind of fell together in a satisfying way.

    'Bruits', pronounced broo-ee, the shooshing sound of a constricted artery, a potential warning sign. Something I won't bother to find out if I have, but will revel in assuming that I do. One of a thousand new fun terms that are becoming part of my daily work as I settle into a new position as IT support in healthcare. Each new term a potential threat that I get to file in the back of my mind as something to worry about that I might be able to have happen to me - filed in the back of my mind like a clot that's ready to blow.

    So, this comic just an homage to all those anxieties. The "shoosh" sound, the murmur, the experience of aphasia (or so I imagine). Naturally, returning to Oliver Sacks' 'The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat' (1999) for a positive-spin inspiration on the wonders of the brain. His quote, simply an observation that the titular patient degrades into a form of visual-processing aphasia, but the patient seemingly (blissfully?) unaware. Lovely oddity.

    In the end, an unanticipated comment on my comic in general. It's a bunch of visual nonsense. Is it agnosia, or is it apathy?

    Delighted, also, with the image of the doctor saying 'murmur' out loud. Is the doctor not communicating clearly (which is not atypical), or is he undiplomatically relating the potential bad-news that he hears? (The doctor possibly unaware of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.) Either way, funny. The seriousness of the patient, as well, directly copied from a stock photo. Unintentionally bizarre. Squid Man's 'shoosh' mirrors the rapidity with which the presaged event changes our lives.

    Guy holds a shitly-rendered brain. Or maybe it's a bunch of lettuce.



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