Semiosis Neurosis

Episode One Hundred Nine: Semiosis Neurosis.
In which the Soap Strip folk refuse comment.

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  1. This one was inspired by an essay on YouTube called "David Lynch: The Treachery of Language" made by Grace Lee and presented on her channel 'What's So Great About That?'

    The Pharm Life panel expressing my growing overwhelm around entering Health IT and needing to get up to speed with all the official and unofficial acronyms. Not that the unfettered use of acronyms (UUA) is relegated to Health IT specifically, but there are just so many of them.

    Entering the field with fresh eyes, I'm intrigued at watching the process of translation that happens from end-user experience (a nurse interacting with a patient, for example) and how that gets depicted in a government-sanctioned metric. The process, like all translation, leaves a lot to be desired.

    Of course, the sentiment that David Lynch expresses in the final panel pertains to everything that language is used for: business, art, personal relations. No matter how well things may be going for me, I'm always aware that, at base, no one is really communicating with anyone else on a solid level. Everything is approximation. The sea of acronyms in which I find myself now drowning is only one expression of that approximation.

    The Soap Strip panel a screen shot from David Lynch's "The Alphabet" (1968), taken from Lee's essay. No specific symbolism here; I just found it arresting. (And am happy with how it - and the Pharm Life panel image - turned out.)

    The Squid Man quote, aversion to language, a direct quote from Lee's essay. That's Jack Nance from Twin Peaks (1990) looking tentative in that frame.



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