Form, Masses, and Movement

Episode One Hundred Ten: Form, Masses, and Movement.
In which all orbits.

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  1. Long overdue visit to Montreal and the Musee Des Beaux Arts brought us to a featured Alexander Calder exhibit. Much to chew on, but what struck me most was watching his paintings gradually become 3-D until there was an explosion of mobiles (this transition no doubt dramatically heightened by the arrangement of the exhibit) that seemed to imply he had found his muse. The mobiles tracing arcs suggestive of metaphor: like the movement of the spheres, layers of consciousness, forms of life, human societies. All moving in concert, but largely independent.

    Beautiful work, and contemplative in a way that feels needed. So, the strip. Originally, I had seen the final frame tracing an arc that went off the to the left, lost in the top of the Pharm frame. But, instead, I ended up capturing a complete mobile, each frame depicting part of it in its own style. This felt more in tune with the sensation I got from Calder's art: that these disparate parts of my life - traditionally segregated - were moving in relation to each other. Which feels to be a resolve of sorts. Perhaps. Not making any promises.



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