Soap Strip Folk

Episode Seventy-Nine: Soap Strip Folk.
While Oats is undergoing suffix reassignment, we present the second of the 4 original strips that comprised "Query Expressions" (Episode 71). Originally published Feb 29,2018, in the Quechee Picayune-Emetic. Reprinted with permission.

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  1. 'Soap Strip Folk', the second strip from the newspaper the 'Quechee Picayune-Emetic'. Panels from this strip inhabit the second panel of the Latent Narratives strip, and often represent anxious thoughts, or thoughts that encourage undue anxiety.

    The Soap Strip Folk is a send up to strips like Rex Morgan which are more realistically drawn than their slapstick counterparts, carry intricately developed story-lines, employ halftone pattern shading in a deliberate manner, are dramatically heightened, and are maddeningly slow moving.



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