Pharm Life

Episode Eighty: Pharm Life.
While Oats is undergoing vowel resection, we present the third of the 4 original strips that comprised "Query Expressions" (Episode 71). Originally published Feb 29,2018, in the Quechee Picayune-Emetic. Reprinted with permission.

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  1. 'Pharm Life', the third strip from the newspaper the 'Quechee Picayune-Emetic'. Panels from this strip inhabit the third panel of the Latent Narratives strip, and usually represent negative thoughts that dehumanize through quantification, the direct analog coming from feeling that my self-worth is directly related (inversely related?) to the number of prescription medications I am on at any given time.

    When my father died (I was the one who discovered him), the police who surveyed the scene had to confiscate his prescription medications, and note them down, and the officer in charge of this task came up to me and said, "wow - I have never seen anyone on as many meds as your father!" He was genuinely expressing surprise, but it has always struck me as an insensitive thing to say because, for one, 'sorry my dad's death was inconvenient for you in an inventory-taking kind of way' and, two, he wasn't *that* ill. There must be plenty of people with all sorts of problems that require a lot more meds than did my father. So, how is one to react when confronted with that statement, particularly in the circumstances? I'm sure that incidental shaming has something to do with the role 'Pharm Life' plays in the Latent Narratives.

    Pharm Life is a situational comic along the lines of 'Dilbert', smart and absurdist. It chronicles the ins and outs of the lives of pharmaceutical capsules, and how they cope with their relative existential dilemmas.



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