Perception Digression

Episode Sixty-One: Perception Digression. 
In which the Soap Strip folk slip through the final screen.

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  1. New job, new schedule. Barely being able to keep my nose above surface. This cartoon reflects my inability to sort through my thoughts as easily as I could when I had more free time, and was walking for an hour a day.

    There's kind of a hodge-podge happening here: A stresser from this; a stresser from that. And the resolution more of an impression - an image from a dream. I'm not even sure that the image is edifying - it just felt significant.

    The first panel originally about feeling weird about one issue at work, but ended up being about another issue, equally significant, quite by accident. Satisfying, that. I suddenly find myself supporting sanctimonious MAC users at work, and the depiction of the person in the hat, intended to be a depiction of a greedy capitalist, turned into a hipster doofus who looks quite like the most sanctimonious MAC user I have encountered yet. I guess it was meant to be her all along.

    The Soap Strip frame from Jack Arnold's The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957), one of the greatest films ever made, and a corollary to my own undying sense of alienation, and the palpable sensation I often feel of being significantly smaller than everyone else. That ending, an unresolved disappearance beyond the fabric of our own physical existence...just so uncompromising. Not a lot of commercial films willing to go there.

    The Pharm Life frame - a plea from a concerned loved one. Again, a question one puts to someone with a sense of agency, and, so, nonsense when put to me. The idea of someone chastising a corpse for being absent seemed apt.

    Again, the final frame is from a dream I had the week this was planned. Jung listens on as Guy tells him what's up.

    Guy holds a mug of Newkie Brown for no particular reason other than it's in season.



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