Broody Camel

Episode Fifty-Nine: Broody Camel.
In which Art sees past the Gate of Peacocks. 

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  1. I recently pulled out the ZBS Jack Flanders series Moon Over Morocco. I have been listening to ZBS since the late 80's, and purchased Moon Over Morocco a couple of years ago. It makes for good driving listening, and I am always pleasantly surprised at how much it stands up. (Teru in the Ruby series is a little cringy/misogynist, though Ruby 3 is such an evocative story.)

    The line in Morocco, quoted (loosely) in the second frame here, edifying, but also a little anxiety-producing (hence, second frame). i.e., we do not progress - the story we tell ourselves about ourselves is a story within a story. Hard to get outside the onion of perception.

    The Squidman line is from a review of Metcalf's Genoa, discussing the resonances of the central character's club foot. That line seemed particularly apt. A friend recently lamented the inevitability of our passing down mental illness to our children. So, there's an indication of "signs" in the outward manifestation of our lives. The figure in the SM frame is looking at an ancestral photograph, and seeing the legacy of brokenness.

    There is a stylistic continuity in the background shading of the SM photograph and the desert/campfire in the Soap Strip frame. Unintentional, but very nice. The one clearly leads us to the other.

    Pharm Life, here, is a line from a Roethke poem that, frankly, would fit in any comic I do. I had originally meant to have the pill looking down over a crowd of pills, illustrating the absurd anonymity of modern life, but...too much work. Decided, instead, to go with Pill looking wistfully over a sunset. Only, after the fact, I realize that the pill is maybe looking in a mirror, or over a wall, at another pill? Sun/pill? That meaning much more apt.

    The Art phrase from Moon Over Morocco. 'Cause that's what we do.

    Love, love, love the artifacts I pulled out of the coloring process, here - the dusty, smudgy feeling in the Pharm Life frame. The left-over smudge at the top of the page. Very happy with that.

    Guy holds a tiny cup of Moroccan coffee.



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