Muddle America

Episode Forty-Nine: Muddle America.
In which the Pharm Life pills Machiavelli it up. 

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  1. Guilt over discarded carrot skin brought back the old argument concerning vitamin concentration, and the realization that belittling myself over poor nutrient management is absurd considering my primary health concerns are from too much food. Nevertheless, the voice beats me down.

    This led me to wonder whether President Trump's orange glow itself indicated a concentration of vitamins, and, if skinned, he would still be as nutritious.

    The stodgy disbeliever in that frame is a tracing of cracked paint from my shower's window. I've been staring at him for years and thinking he needed to make a stuffy appearance.

    Soap Strip is from Bartleby (2001), previewed because we would be seeing Crispin Glover live in Montreal. That moment at the beginning of the film: the impossibility of anything ever being completed because of miscommunication and abdication, and the frustration that this always ends in litigation. That is very familiar to me, and even now I can feel a corresponding sensation that is indicative of further ill-health.

    The Art quote: processing taboo. This from an published online interview with Glover by one of the people arranging the Montreal evening. Denial, on a cultural level, has the same effect as denial on an individual level. It is important to face things that we are uncomfortable facing, and it is important to acknowledge that discomfort. (See panel #1.)

    Muddle America. Middle America as muddled. We need to scrape back the orange pancake and see what is underneath. You go first. "I would prefer not to."



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