The Ineffect Effect

Episode Forty-Eight: The Ineffect Effect.
In which Guy is not a mover and a shaker.

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  1. Trying to accept the reality that worth need not be measured by accomplishment, ambition, talent, drive. A hard reality to accept, as it is one refuted constantly inside my own head, and seemingly by the world in which I live.

    Squidman voices a sentiment that a divorcing friend's husband (absurdly, idiotcally) told her, in so many words, and I realized that it was something I, too, repeat to myself every day. I berate myself for holding myself back. (And like the asshole husband, I, too, am absurd.)

    The Pharm Life panel a direct quote from the nightmare of my father's estate that continues to haunt me. (The lefty pill is me.)

    The Terrible Trivium, of course, from The Phantom Tollbooth (1961), an extremely important book from my childhood. Jules Feiffer's illustrations so evocative. The Terrible Trivium, a sharply-dressed, faceless demon, the one drawing from that book that stood out above all others. The demon's task is to tie you down with pointless busy work, preventing you from moving forward.

    And yet...

    Perhaps its presence here is to give the middle finger to the authority that makes that judgement. Perhaps it is enough to spend a life moving a well of water by the eyedropper full, or a mountain of sand with tweezers.

    Not everyone needs to be the catalyst for meaningful change.

    It's a botched depiction, but I believe Guy holds a set of headphones. Not entirely sure why, now. Maybe he's listening to music instead of furthering his career?



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