Bleak Apartment

Episode Forty-Six: Bleak Apartment.
In which the Soap Strip folk are on the express going up.

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  1. My father died in 2010 and, nearly seven years on, I am still struggling to get his estate closed. The apparent impossibility of this task has displayed only my limitations and none of my strengths, and has become a defining, ruinous event of my adulthood.

    Dickens' Bleak House (1853) describes a world in which the mechanism of law is designed to feed off the Estate funds of the deceased until they are eaten up completely, and then the mechanisms move on to another corpse. This has been my experience.

    This comic was born as I received a phone call describing yet another potential several-thousand-dollar-delay. I realized my first sensation was of anxiety causing a rising sensation, and knew that the Soap Strip frame needed to be of a rising elevator.

    Art quotes an Oblique Strategies card reminding me that this major league fuck-up need not encapsulate who I am.

    Guy holds a law degree. Fuckers.



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