Reservation Notation

Episode Two Hundred Forty Seven: Reservation Notation.
In which we fracture.

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  1. Months later, I am getting around to contextualizing this fractured week. The title came from a work document talking about IP address reservations. It occurred to me that 'reservation notation' was also one of the practices of this comic. This was an authentic collage that came from a series of intentional originals - I think the Pharm Life was particularly planned-out, and so it is close to the practice that Latent Narratives comes from: finding an unintentional message among a series of unrelated strips. And like the original, it has varying results. The fear-based being the deep truth *is* a deeper truth, and a message I had not intended to parse out, but it still is not satisfying, really. Though the final panel is elusive in a way that I do like.



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