Not Knotwork

Episode Two Hundred Thirty Four: Not Knotwork.
In which we run low.

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  1. One month on, and I don't remember much about how this came about. I know that it ended up being rushed against the Monday-to-Tuesday deadline, so much so that the title was pilfered from the earlier entry that also provided the comic's name: Not Knotwork form 'Neural Knotwork' - so tight the deadline (to get published before Monday disappeared) looming that I didn't even have time to open an OpenOffice document.

    The sad sack internalizing SM's depressing truth is Dustin Hoffman from Death of a Salesman. Somehow I channeled Robert Crumb when pulling that guy out, and I was happily surprised with the uniform diagonal etching and ethereal affect of the final image. This could be a direction for a full strip. (Mr. Byword?)

    The Soap Strip frame - eh. That's a barely passing 'D'. Even the type has too much line space. It's just a really sloppy attempt. Embarassing.

    The Pharm Life was supposed to be a pill standing in a bottle, left alone. (A theme I've had going on lately relates to the difficulty I've been having getting medication from my pharmacy.) Except it doesn't quite look like a bottle. It looks like a tunnel. It's OK, but it's not what I was going for.

    Basically, frames two and three could use a second or third draft here.

    And I don't remember what Art was saying. I mean, it's an Oblique Strategy, and the point is often that I pull it up and shrug and say, "I guess that works", and hope that maybe it will sink in. But I'm not sure what, exactly, is sinking here.

    Again, this is about work, and the fact that everyone keeps telling me to accept the dysfunctions that stem from the very top, and my own inability to internalize that message. Because, frankly, it's abuse. Those dysfunctions, they're abuse. And accepting them feels really unhealthy. So, Art is saying, start making your work using something wildly different, I guess.

    Anyway, none of this feels right. Either on the page, here, or off of it.



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