Light Entertainment

Episode Two Hundred Twenty Two: Light Entertainment
In which we are not amused.

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  1. Too ambitious. This one needs one or two re-writes before it comes across clean.

    For one, there's too much information happening, and how it's laid out is not thoughtful. The second and third frames need to be re-worked so that the 'lux' reading is in the lower right, because that's the object of the verb, which is the sensor light's activation. The deer are not clear enough, the silhouette of the walker in the first frame is a dog's breakfast, the fourth frame is just confusing.

    Still, I'm happy with the rendering of the land in one and three, and of the feet & lighting in two.

    The premise, of course, that an enjoyable evening walk is destroyed by all the motion-activated lights, my mental health declining as more lights turn on. This is an increasingly annoying phenomenon. To be fair, though, the street at those coordinates is littered with motion activated lights that were installed shortly after a moving truck pulled up and emptied three houses on that street in one afternoon.



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