Episode One Hundred Forty Nine: Tether.
In which the Soap Strip get lost.

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  1. Squid Man echos a knee-jerk emotional reaction to an off-hand comment that's been a recent sticking point. Gustave Dore provides the (self-pitying) ambiance.

    The Soap Strip and Eno frames are from Gus Van Sant's "The Sea Of Trees" (2015), fortunately seen before I began reading up on it - many conflicting reviews, some with legitimate criticisms, most without. The image of disappearing into a forest appealing; as a symbolic death preceding resurrection inspiring. Van Sant in the Eno stamp there, the quote kind of the emotional fulcrum to the film, I thought.

    The Pharm pill trapped in a mortar with tablets of the same ilk, but not sentient. Different? Same? No matter. We all see where it's going.

    The forest kind of works here, but the Squidman frame is too busy. Both are too heavy. I've been marveling over some vintage Steve Roper and Mike Nomad strips, and they are so refreshingly spare. In the words of Peter Falk from Wings of Desire, someday I'll make a good drawing. I hope, I hope, I hope.

    Guy holds a Hansel and Gretel spool of twine.



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