Holes, Not Holes

Episode One Hundred Forty Seven: Holes, Not Holes.
In which we fall in.

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  1. It's a tired complaint, but it is ongoing: this feeling of not fitting in. I recently got a new car and cannot get a comfortable seat arrangement that allows me a view of the speedometer. I can't understand it - I'm not particularly oddly sized, so how is it I can't find a seating arrangement that doesn't cause back pain, or leg pain? Anyway, that's where the Pharm frame is coming from.

    And, of course, this feeling of not fitting in finds it's analog everywhere else, including with respect to my overall outlook. That Eno quote from a random Oblique Strategy of the day, and it fit. Cringing, though, at the repeat of the word 'ideas' from the Soap Strip frame ... or maybe that cringe is what the comic is about? Anyway. I like the leg - the rest is so-so.



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