Episode One Hundred Forty Two: Unpalettable.
In which compass spins.

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  1. The Bookshop (2017), period piece light fare with very nice cast. I’ve been on a Bill Nighy kick lately. During the scene in which the reclusive Nighy character invites the Bookshopeteer Mortimer over for dinner, he makes the pronouncement that bookends this strip: "They will not understand. But understanding makes the mind lazy." (If I recall.) This struck me as both a put-down as well as a pithy adage, which, appropriately, speaks to my complete disorientation lately.

    Looking up from a dark basement was also a recurring image that week, though this Gorey-esque scribble does not do justice.

    The Pharm Life pills take in some fine art: Web hex colors depicting Mortimer seated at dinner, wearing an ivory dress with sienna embroidery. Lovely moment.

    Overdid the aging attempt. I guess this week lives up to its name (pun intended). (Double pun?)



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