Venal Eye Glint

Episode One Hundred Thirty Nine: Venal Eye Glint.
In which we anagram Negative Nelly.

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  1. Thin attempt, but nonetheless a solid return to form. A collage of different emotional spikes throughout the week.

    The British detective series Happy Valley (2014) making an appearance in the first frame (actor Siobhan Finneran), and in the quote in the second - both pertaining to alcoholics dealing with relapses. The show, in general, relatively strong in it's honesty about character complexity, and these characters attempting to again move forward, despite predictable setbacks, touched a nerve for me.

    Squid Man's line a circuitous logic knot of nonsense that still manages to serve to demean.

    The Pharm Life really just a pun on the medication class of "extended release". I was mulling the idea that a sentient medication might not enjoy extended release because it agonizingly delays what is essentially a death sentence for a med. And, so, the pull of meaning here: that a release from prison is usually seen as positive, whereas an extended release for a pill might be seen as bad, was an intriguing conflict. But it's not even a half-baked idea. It's barely a 'have the stuff on the counter ready for the mixing bowl' idea.

    The Eno quote an Oblique Strategy that was pulled out in desperation, but did feel right.



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